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What are the characteristics of electric scooters? How to perform maintenance?

   1. Features of electric scooter:
  The electric scooter has the characteristics of anti-fission, anti-deformation, high-cold resistance, and very wear-resistant. It has reinforced aluminum alloy bracket and base, which is not easy to break, and the surface of the skateboard is printed with various beautiful patterns. The skateboard can move forward by twisting the body reliably. It does not need to push and slide with your feet. It can do all kinds of fancy changes and cooperate with the waist twisting movement to achieve remarkable results. Recreation and fitness activities with slimming effect that can enhance the individual's balance ability.
   2. Electric scooter maintenance
   The life span of lead batteries used in electric scooters has a lot to do with the daily maintenance of users. Generally speaking, the following points should be paid attention to:
   1. Develop the habit of charging as you use it, so that the battery is always fully charged.
  2. Determine the length of the charging time according to the itinerary, control it within 4-12 hours, and do not charge for a long time.
   3. If the battery is stored for a long time, it needs to be fully charged and refilled once a month.
  4. Use pedals to help when starting, uphill, and headwind.
   5. When charging, use the matching charger, place it in a cool and ventilated place, avoid high temperature and humidity, and do not let water enter the charger to prevent electric shock.

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