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Lvkang has perfect after-sales service

1. Obarter electric vehicles implement the "three guarantees policy" for after-sales service. If it is a quality problem of the company's products, it will be replaced within two months, and the warranty will be for one year.
2. Under normal conditions of use, electric vehicles carry out a "one year warranty".
  ◆Note: During the guarantee period, failure or damage caused by the following reasons will not be covered by the quality guarantee:
  A. Failure to do proper care and maintenance in accordance with this instruction manual.
  B. When the electric vehicle is used for other purposes to perform dangerous actions such as stunts, which results in product damage or function failure.
  C. Arbitrarily disassemble or use the original parts and components outside the factory.
  D. Damaged by wrong use or traffic accident or other accidental collision.
  E. Driving on abnormal roads causes use damage or functional failure.
  F. Commercial leased use or unlicensed improper use.
  G. The reason for the irresistible manpower of natural disasters.

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