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Electric scooters are popular, "Traffic Law" prohibits on the road

   During the recent period, many citizens have discovered that an ultra-micro electric car has quietly been popular on the street. It looks like a scooter but has seats. This new type of transportation tool is called an adult electric scooter. It has the function of an electric car, but it is smaller than a bicycle; it has the speed of an electric car, but the price is similar to that of a bicycle; therefore, it is deeply loved by citizens, especially young people. However, my country's "Road Traffic Safety Law" clearly stipulates that "gliding tools" do not have the right of way and cannot be on the road.
   Adult electric scooters are popular for their lightness and fashion
   Because ordinary electric vehicles are heavy, easy to lose, and relatively expensive, the public is in urgent need of a lightweight and easy-to-carry transportation tool, and adult electric scooters have gradually become popular. Recently, the reporter found on the streets of the city, a citizen riding an adult electric scooter, easily shuttled in the flow of people. Because the car is compact and stylish, light and fast, it has attracted the attention of many passersby.
   The reporter found that the appearance of the car is very similar to that of an ordinary scooter, except that it has one more seat than the scooter, and its driving speed is not inferior to that of an ordinary electric bicycle. The reporter visited the electric vehicle market in urban areas and found that there are few adult electric scooters sold in physical stores in our city, and most of the citizens buy them through the Internet. The reporter found on the Internet that this type of electric car is available on all large shopping websites, and the price is low, most of which are only a few hundred yuan, and the most expensive is only two to three thousand yuan. The car can also be folded, and citizens can "take it wherever they go." The price is low, the appearance is light and stylish, and it is easy to carry. It is not surprising that adult electric scooters are favored by the public.
   There are many security risks in hardware settings
   The reporter saw that after a full charge of such mobility tools sold online, some can travel for about 5 kilometers, and some can travel for tens of kilometers. Although the adult electric scooter is small in size, its speed even exceeds the speed of a motor vehicle. But in terms of hardware, some of the cheaper adult electric scooters have poor balance performance, such as turn signals, safety devices, brakes and other equipment, but they do not meet the standards of motor vehicles. Therefore, there are certain safety hazards on the road, especially when the driving speed is fast, it is very likely to be dangerous.
Although many businesses have positioned this car as a small mini adult scooter, the reporter learned that, in fact, the adult electric scooters produced by regular manufacturers have a "certificate for special motor vehicles in the field (factory)". , Indicating that the product is only suitable for operation in closed areas such as the field (factory) and pedestrian street, and it is strictly forbidden to drive on the road. Therefore, citizens must be cautious when choosing and using it.
   Adult electric scooters do not have the right of way
   The reporter learned that adult electric scooters do not meet my country's motor vehicle safety standards and are not included in the non-motor vehicle product catalog. my country’s "Road Traffic Safety Law" clearly stipulates: "Slide tools" do not have the right of way, cannot drive on non-motorized lanes, let alone drive into motorized lanes, and can only be used in closed residential roads and indoor venues.
   Since adult electric scooters cannot drive on the road as a non-motorized vehicle, it will be difficult to determine the responsibility in the event of an accident.
   In this regard, relevant experts said that relevant departments should formulate national standards for new-style transportation tools such as adult electric scooters as soon as possible, and make clear regulations on vehicle speed and braking capabilities. At present, in the absence of a clear model definition, citizens try not to use this type of transportation tool to drive on the road. In addition, the public security traffic management department should strengthen the management of the use of the above-mentioned means of transportation to avoid traffic accidents. (Reporter Zhang Ying)

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